Automobile Seal, EPDM Window Seal

Automobile Seal, EPDM Window Seal
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Property of Automobile Seal
In order to ensure the quality of our EPDM window seal for automobiles, we acquire all the rubber raw material from EXXON of USA. The automobile window seal surface can be sprayed with PU, so as to increase abrasion resistant property and erosion-proof property and reduce frictional coefficient. In addition, our EPDM window seals have good resistance to ageing, ozone, and extremely high and low temperatures. They have been widely used by famous automobile manufactures, like General Motor, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Shenglong, etc.

Performance Index of Automobile Seal

No. Item Index
 1 Hardness SHA 65±5, 70±5
 2 Tensile strength ≥ 10MPa
 3 Elongation 250%
 4 Ozone resistance GRADEO
 5 Compression permanent deformation ≤ 25%

We are an automobile seal, EPDM window seal manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition, we offer bar sealing strip, rubber corner packing, semicircular rubber fender, arch rubber fender, shipping facilities rubber sealed product, expansion joint, and more.

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