Automobile Sponge Rubber Products

Automobile Sponge Rubber Products
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Properties and Applications of Automobile Sponge Rubber Products
Hengsheng automobile sponge rubber products include EPDM sponge rubber and CR sponge rubber products. The raw materials are acquired from EXXON in America and Japanese rubber manufacturers, and then are vulcanized using advanced techniques to ensure product quality.

With superior heat insulation, sealing performance, vibration reduction, and weather resistance, our automobile sponge rubber products are extensively used by vehicle manufactures like GM, Hyundai, and Jinbei, etc.

Property Index (EPDM automobile sponge rubber products)

Serial No. Item Index
1 Density (g/cm3) 0.08-0.2
2 Moisture absorption rate(weight increase)% 3-4
3 Thermal conduction coefficient W/m.k 0.037
4 Temperature scope ℃ -40℃-105℃
5 Heat stability and shrinkage %(105℃×7d) 4.5
6 Ozone resistant Excellent
7 Oxygen index ≥32
8 Fire resistant ability Automatic extinguishment
9 Water-proof and ultra-violet ray proof ability Fine
10 Chemicals resistant Fine

Main Application Sketch of Automobile Sponge Rubber Products

As a professional automobile sponge rubber product manufacturer based in China, Hengsheng is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality automobile PVC seal, cylindrical rubber fender, tugboat rubber fender, rubber packing, and shipping facilities rubber sealed product at reasonable prices.

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