Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket
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We can offer different types of rubber gaskets, as listed below.

1. O type
O type rubber gasket can be made using materials such as fluororubber, NBR, and silicone rubber, etc. and can be used in various machines. It has good resistance to chemical mediums and petroleum, etc.

Operational conditions
Working temperature: The rubber gasket can be used at temperature from -60℃-+300℃, varying with material type.
Working pressure: <10MPa (hydraulic), <1MPa (pneumatic), <16MPa (static seal)
Expansion ratio against 90#, 93#, and 97# gasoline: 0

2. Y type
Y type rubber gaskets made using fluororubber, NBR, and chlorine rubber are all available. Featuring good wearing resistance, they are widely used in hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic equipment.
According to material type, the rubber gasket can be used at temperature from -60℃-+300℃

3.Silicone rubber series
Our silicone rubber gaskets are manufactured in clean rooms and are tested using highly advanced testing equipment. They are widely used in electronics, medical appliances, and food industries.
Due to the high quality of raw materials, Hengsheng silicon rubber gasket can be used from -60℃-+300℃, and has superior oil, steam, and fire resistance, etc.
The silicone rubber gaskets for use in food and medical industries are all transparent.

4. Fluororubber series
Our fluororubber gaskets are widely used in automotive, ship making, military, and electronic product industries. They are characterized by good resistance to fuel oil, high temperatures, Freon, overheat water, steam and chemical substances, and can be used at temperatures from -40℃+300℃.

5. PTFE series
Hengsheng PTFE gasket has high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance, and won't react with concentrated acid, alkali and strong oxidizer in high temperatures. This type of rubber gasket is an ideal sealing material for pipelines, flanges, reactors, valves and various types of vessels.
We can also manufacture non-standard PTFE gaskets according to customers' design drawings.

6. Non-standard rubber gasket
We can design and manufacture a wide variety of non-standard rubber gaskets for use in automotive, mechanical, and valve industries according to customers' demands. The raw materials can be NBR, NR, fluororubber, and silicone rubber, etc. The working temperature ranges from -50℃ to +250℃ according to the material type.
All our products feature superior wearing resistance and flexibility. If you have any related demand, please feel free to contact us.

We are a rubber gasket manufacturer based in China. In addition to rubber gasket, at Hengsheng we offer supper cone fender, cylindrical rubber fender, shipping facilities rubber sealed product, rubber corner packing, bar sealing strip and more.

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