Cylindrical Rubber Fender, CY Rubber Fender

Cylindrical Rubber Fender, CY Rubber Fender
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The cylindrical rubber fender is designed to prevent the vessel and the dock from being damaged during anchoring and berthing processes, as it can effectively counteract the force generated during vessel berthing and mooring.

Characteristics of Cylindrical Rubber Fender
1. The cylindrical rubber fender offers a low reaction force and low surface pressure and can absorb a proper amount of energy.
2. With simple structure, it is convenient for installation and maintenance.
3. Unique design allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, without restrictions from ship size and port size, etc.
4. It boasts good adaptability to vessels' pitch and rolling while berthing.
5. The CY rubber fender provides an ideal suspension type fender system for protection of various ships, vessels and docks, etc.

Technical Specifications of CY Rubber Fenders

Product Performance

Performance Curve
Cylindrical Rubber Fender, CY500×250×1000L

Deformation / Performance Design Compressive Deflection 50%
Reaction Force (KN) Energy Absorption(KJ) Tolerance%
Standard Type 148.1 16.1 ±10%

Cylindrical Rubber Fender, CY500×500×1000L

Deformation / performance Design Compressive Deflection 50%
Reaction Force (KN) Energy Absorption(KJ) Tolerance %
Standard Type 297.2 63.8 ±10%
Installation Specification for Cylindrical Rubber Fenders
Specification of U Type Ring
Specification of Shackle and Link
Specification of Steel Roller

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