Rubber Bumper, Rubber Cushion

Rubber Bumper, Rubber Cushion
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This page introduces you our rubber bumper and rubber cushion.

Rubber Bumper

Our rubber bumper is inserted with steel to enhance strength, and has features like high intensity, good tensile strength, long lifespan and good shock absorbing performance. It is widely used in vessels and boats as well as bracing equipment, etc.

Specification of Rubber Bumper
1. Material: EPDM, silicone, polyurethane, nylon.
In addition, we can also offer rubber bumper made using many other different materials and coming in a wide range of durometer hardness.
2. Standard size: 350×72×70, 450×72×70, 500×92×70, 650×92×70
3. Customization: We can also design and manufacture the product according to customers' design drawing or product samples. The rubber bumper is also available in various colors.

Rubber Cushion

Our rubber cushion can be made using NR, EPDM, and NBR. It is available with steel to enhance strength. It is widely used in machines like cranes, quick acting cleat, etc.
We can also offer rubber cushion in different sizes.
If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.

As a China rubber bumper and rubber cushion manufacturer, we at Hengsheng also supply putty rubber seal, square rubber fender, cylindrical rubber fender, EPDM window seal, rubber corner packing, and shipping facilities rubber sealed product.

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