Water Expansion Ring

Water Expansion Ring
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Our water expansion ring is made of PN-300 water-swelling rubber which conforms to GB/T18173 standard.
We can offer circular type and rectangular water expansion rings to suit customers' varied demands. A standard circular water expansion ring comes with an outer diameter of 40mm and thickness of 10mm.
Put the water expansion ring on the screws and bars which will pass through the wall. Then, it will offer superior water-tight performance when embedded in concrete.

Advantages of Water Expansion Ring
1. With simple structure, the water expansion ring is easy to use and helps shorten construction period. Meanwhile, it is pollution free and low cost.
2. Its simple working principle makes it very acceptable to users.
3. The expansion ratio is up to 300%, and meanwhile, the product offer high durability.
4. Our water expansion ring conforms to GB501108-2001 standard.

Hengsheng is a professional water expansion ring manufacturer based in China. We produce a wide range of products, including our rubber fender, rubber packing, rubber seal, shipping facilities rubber sealed product, sealing cushion, and anti-vibration pad, among others.

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