Putty Rubber Seal

Putty Rubber Seal
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Advantages of Putty Rubber Seal
1. When the putty rubber seal is embedded in concrete structures, it swells upon contact with water, thus offering water-tight performance.
2. With high water expansion ratio, the rubber seal, which is typically placed in construction joints, can automatically seal the fine cracks on the concrete structures caused by ground settlement.
3. It can also be used for water sealing for finished concrete construction projects.
4. The putty rubber seal offers better water-tight performance than traditional steel, rubber and plastic waterstop. Meanwhile, it is easy for use and can effectively reduce construction period.
5. The putty rubber waterstop is primarily made using inorganic raw mineral material. Hence, it offers good aging resistance, corrosion resistance and is pollution free.

Hengsheng is an experienced putty rubber seal manufacturer based in China. Our products include rubber waterstop, rubber cushion, rubber seal, rubber corner packing, shipping facilities rubber sealed product, rubber fender, and much more.

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