Rubber Waterstop

Rubber Waterstop
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Performance Advantages of Rubber Waterstop
The rubber waterstop, by taking advantage of rubber material's high elasticity and compression deformation property, can realize elastic deformation while being stressed. Thus, it can be used as an element of a concrete structure to prevent water leakage and water seepage, etc. It also has vibration buffering function in concrete structures.

While used in concrete structures like water channels, tunnel entrances and exits, dams, and aqueducts, the rubber waterstop can effectively prolong the service life of them.

We can offer standard type and cold-resistant type rubber waterstops. The standard type can be used at temperatures from -25℃~+60℃, and the cold-resistant type can be used from -40℃~+60℃. All our rubber waterstop products are made in accordance with GB 18173.2-2000 standard, so customers can feel secure in purchasing.


As a China-based rubber waterstop manufacturer based in China, our company provides a vast range of products that includes rubber bumper, water expansion ring, square rubber fender, rubber packing, and automobile PE, EVA, polyester, sponge rubber, among others.

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