Rubber Waterstop with Steel Edges

Rubber Waterstop with Steel Edges
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The rubber waterstop with steel edge is composed of three parts, namely high-strength area (steel edge), water-proof area (rubber waterstop), and the installation area. The thickness of each area is designed based on the specific functions, for uniform load carrying capacity.

The steel plate is engineered with mounting hole, ensuring firm fixation of the product. The galvanized steel plate for the rubber waterstop with steel edge has better adhesion property to the concrete compared with that of the rubber, achieving elimination of water leakage.

The rubber water stop is widely seen in concrete construction, such as dam, reservoir, subway, culvert, tunnel, and other underground works.

Category of Rubber Waterstop with Steel Edge
1. NR series: The natural rubber waterstop comes with the width of 350mm. It is generally used in the freshwater seepage control project with the environment temperature from -40 to 60ºC.
2. CR series: Engineered with the width of 350mm, the CR rubber waterstop (Chloroprene rubber) can be used in the temperature from -35 to 60ºC. This range of product is an ideal choice for chemical and sewage seepage control project.
3. NBR series: Applicable for the temperature from -35 to 60ºC, the NBR rubber waterstop is generally used for the seepage control project for the material containing petroleum. The width of the rubber waterstop with steel edge is 350mm.

Physical Property
No. Items Index
1 Rigidity (HA) 60±5 60±5 60±5
2 Tensile Strength (MPa ) ≥15 ≥12 ≥10
3 Elongation at Break (%) ≥380 ≥380 ≥300
4 Permanent Deformation under Compression 70ºC×24h (%) ≤35 ≤35 ≤35
23ºC×168h (%) ≤20 ≤20 ≤20
5 Tear Strength (KN/m) ≥30 ≥25 ≥25
6 Brittleness temperature (ºC) ≤-45 ≤-40 ≤-40
7 Aging Condition (hot-air) 70ºC×168h Rigidity (HA) ≤8 ≤8 --
Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥12 ≥10
Elongation at Break (%) ≥300 ≥300
100ºC×168h Rigidity (HA) -- -- ≤8
Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥9
Elongation at Break (%) ≥250
8 Aging Condition (Ozone 50pphm): 20%, 48h 2 grade 2 grade 0 grade
1. Rubber to metal bonding condition is for rubber waterstop with steel edge.
2. For other special demand such as product inspection, an agreement shall be made based on mutual agreement of the buyer and the seller. For mold assessment test, the anti-mildew property shall satisfy requirement for Grade 2 or higher standard.

Production Standard

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