Laminated Elastomeric Bearing

Laminated Elastomeric Bearing
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The laminated elastomeric bearing is composed of rubber sheet and thin steel plate produced from sulfuration and bonding technology. This product has strong vertical stiffness for outstanding vertical load bearing capacity. Capable of transferring the counterforce from the superstructure to the bridge pier, the bridge bearing has good adaptation to the beam end rotation.

With optimal shear strain property, this range of product can satisfy the demand for the horizontal displacement of the superstructure. Our laminated elastomeric bearing is quite popular due to the simple structure, low height, competitive price, free maintenance performance, easy replacement, good shock resistance, etc.

Sliding Type Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Bearing
The sliding type polytetrafluoroethylene bearing can be obtained by laminating 1.5-3mm PTFE plate on the laminated elastomeric bearing. In addition to the optimal vertical stiffness and elastic deformation, the sliding type PTFE bearing is capable of affording vertical load and adapting to the rotation of the beam end. By virtue of the low friction coefficient of the PTFE plate, the beam end can slide freely at the plate surface.

With little limitation on the horizontal displacement, this product is quite suitable for the construction of bridge with medium-small load and big displacement.

1. The regular laminated elastomeric bearing is suitable for the construction of bridge with small displacement and the span less than 30m. Users can choose the product with different plane shapes for the bridge span in diversified structure. For example, the right bridge generally adopts rectangular bearings, and the skew bridge, curved bridge or the cylindrical pie is suitable for round bridge bearings.

2. The PTFE bearing is applicable for large span bridge, multi-span bridge or beam bridge with big displacement. In addition, it can be used as the sliding block in incremental launching of continuous beam or lateral movement of the T-shaped beam.

The application of the rectangular and round PTFE bearing is the same with that of the regular rectangular and round laminated elastomeric bearing.

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