Pot Bearing

Pot Bearing
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Characterized by easy installation, free maintenance, and high cost effectiveness, the pot bearing is widely used in the construction of bridges, viaducts, high-rise buildings, stadiums, dams, and so on.

The pot bridge bearing is particularly designed for bearing load at vertical, horizontal and lateral direction. Installed with this product, the bridge has good adaptation to displacement. Our bridge bearing can be classified into three types, including the fixed pot bearing with restrictions on all movements, guided bearing with restricted movement in only one direction, and the multi-direction pot bearing supporting movements in multiple directions.

1. The pot bearing is designed to accommodate uplift loads which are often required during the construction or the lifespan of the structure.
2. The installation and replacement of the product is quite convenient and easy.
3. This range of product can be produced based on customers’ requirement or according to code of practice of different countries.
4. Requiring little maintenance during its design life, the pot bearing can be used in the environment with the temperature as low as -40℃.
5. Produced in compliance with JT391-1999 standard, the bridge bearing is characterized by powerful carrying capacity, little deformation, large and flexible displacement.

Working Environment
1. Regular pot bearing: -25 to 60℃
2. Cold-resistant pot bearing: -40 to 60℃

Technical Performance
1. The pot bearing can be classified into fixed bearing (GD), one-way sliding pot bearing (DX), and two-way sliding pot bearing (SX).
2. The horizontal bearing capacity of the one-way sliding bridge bearing at the non-sliding direction shall be no less 10% that of the fixed bearing and the GPZ series shall be no less than 20% of its vertical bearing capacity.
3. Over 0.02rad rotating angle.
4. Upon the utilization of 5201 lubricating grease, the minimum designed coefficient of friction resistance for the expansion bearing shall be 0.03, and the cold-resistant pot bearing shall be 0.06.
5. Currently, the bearing capacity of the bridge bearing can be classified into 31 levels, ranging from 0.8MN to 60MN. Therefore, this product is capable of satisfying the demand for the construction of large-scale bridges.

Advantages of GPZ (II) Pot Bearing
The GPZ series pot bearing has powerful carrying capacity. This range of product is quite popular because of the large horizontal displacement, flexible rotation, light weight, compact structure, and good durability. Suitable for large span bridge construction, this product can help save construction cost.

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