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Rubber Fender Manufacturer in China
Founded in 1999, the Hengsheng Rubber and Plastic Product Company is a China based manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality rubber products. For example, we offer a marine rubber fender, hatch cover rubber seal, rubber packing, rubber plastic products for the automobile, train and air conditioner system, and engineering rubber products. Our products are widely used in marine equipment, docks, subway and tunnel construction projects, water conservation projects, bridge construction, automobiles, trains, curtain walls, and much more.
    1. Cylindrical Rubber Fender, CY Rubber Fender
    2. Cylindrical Rubber Fender, CY Rubber FenderThe cylindrical rubber fender offers a low reaction force and low surface pressure and can absorb a proper amount of energy.
      With simple structure, it is convenient for installation and maintenance.
    1. Semicircular Rubber Fender, D Type Rubber Fender
    2. Semicircular Rubber Fender, D Type Rubber Fender The semicircular rubber fender is usually mounted to a dock or a ship to prevent ships and the dock from being damaged, as it can effectively counteract the collision force generated during mooring and berthing process.
      The D type rubber fender offers proper counterforce. It boasts higher energy absorption than cylindrical fenders.
    1. Cone Rubber Fender, Supper Cone Fender
    2. Cone Rubber Fender, Supper Cone FenderAs compared with other types of marine fender, supper cell rubber fender for instance, our supper cone fender boasts smaller sizes. To illustrate, a 800H cone fender can be used to replace a 1000H super cell fender, thus saving construction cost.
    1. Square Rubber Fender
    2. Square Rubber FenderWe introduce you two types of square marine rubber fenders on this page. Both of them are applicable for all types of docks, shipyards, and ships.
      Tolerance: ±10% ...
    1. Rubber Seal, Rubber Packing
    2. Rubber Seal, Rubber Packing We can offer a wide variety of rubber seal or rubber packing to suit customers' varied demands. To illustrate, we have water-tight rubber seal, oil-tight rubber seal, hollowed rubber packing, solid rubber packing, three-side skinned and four-side skinned rubber gaskets, and more.
    1. Shipping Facilities Rubber Sealed Products
    2. Shipping Facilities Rubber Sealed ProductsOur shipping facilities rubber sealed products are classified into a great variety of sub-types, including oil-resistant solid rubber seal, fluorous rubber seal, silicone rubber seal, manhole cover gasket, rubber seal for vessel's windows, water-tight and oil-tight window frame washer, and more.
    1. Automobile Airbag, Sealing Cushion
    2. Automobile Airbag, Sealing Cushion Our automobile airbag and sealing products have such advantages as abrasion resistance, vibration reduction, fire resistance and heat insulation, etc.
      Moisture absorption rate(weight increase): 3% ...
    1. Bridge Rubber Bumper
    2. Bridge Rubber BumperMaterial: EPDM, SBR, CR, NBR, and NR, etc.
      Size: We can offer bridge rubber bumpers in line with international standards, and can also offer customized products.
Welcome to Jiangyin Hengsheng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

In order to ensure quality, we only use high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers, such as the Exxon Corporation and 3M Company of America. We've also established a rubber and plastic testing center and imported a line of advanced inspection equipment, including electronic tensile machines and Mooney viscometers, which are used for chemical analysis and gravity and wear testing. In addition, we provide a wide array of trainings to our staff to improve their skill level, thereby improving the qualification rate of our rubber fender, rubber seal, rubber packing, etc. As a result of our efforts, we have been ISO9001:2000 certified, and our products are CCS certified.

At Hengsheng, we also implement a series of cost saving measures in order to provide the lowest prices without sacrificing product quality. For instance, we employ experienced staff to monitor every step of production, and use automated production equipment. This not only guarantees the quality of our rubber marine fender, rubber seal, and rubber packing, but also effectively reduces labor cost. In addition, we have established long term cooperative relationships with local rubber material suppliers and transportation corporations, which provide us with high quality and economical raw materials and reduced freight charges. As a result, our products are popular in America, France, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, Malaysia and more.

We are located in Wuxi City, in Jiangsu Province, and we also have an office in Shanghai, the largest port city of China. Therefore, we have easy access to many forms of transportation, by land, sea, and air. This greatly reduces international shipping costs for our global customers.

If you would like to purchase our rubber fender or other rubber and plastic products, we can provide you samples and professional technical consultation. We can also customize our rubber products to meet your specific needs. For any inquiries, please call or email us. We at Hengsheng look forward to working with you!