Cone Rubber Fender, Supper Cone Fender

Cone Rubber Fender, Supper Cone Fender
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Characteristics of Cone Rubber Fender
1. Compared with its counterparts, our cone rubber fender offers an energy absorption increased by 100%.
2. As compared with other types of marine fender, supper cell rubber fender for instance, our supper cone fender boasts smaller sizes. To illustrate, a 800H cone fender can be used to replace a 1000H super cell fender, thus saving construction cost.
3. At berthing angles less than 10°, the fender system comes without any performance reduction.
4. The impingement plate at the front part of the fender greatly reduces the surface force to the external vessel body, thus better protecting the vessel. The surface force to vessel can be controlled in 25T/m2 or less, making the fender ideal for protecting large-sized vessels during berthing.
5. The UHMWPE veneer for the impingement plate is available to reduce the friction between the vessel and the rubber fender, allowing a friction coefficient of less than 0.2. This helps reduce the shear stress generated by the fender during vessel mooring process, thus ensuring the lifespan of the fender.
6. Fully enclosed structure for impingement plate helps ensure its strength and corrosion resistance.
7. Thanks to the veneered impingement plate, the cone rubber fender won't contact with vessels directly. Thus, the fender won't be worn, and its service life is guaranteed.

Applications of Cone Rubber Fender
1. The cone rubber fender is ideal for docks requiring a fender system with low reaction force and high energy absorption.
2. Ideal for occasions requiring a small surface force across the external panels of a ship.
3. Applicable for large sized docks like oil wharfs, container terminals and so on.
4. In addition to above, our super cone fender can be used in any places where super cell rubber fender can be used.

Comparison of Cone Rubber Fender

Type Designed compression deformation % Reaction force KN Energy absorption KN·M Height ratio Remark
1000H super cell rubber fender 52.5 445 195 1 Standard reaction force type
800H cone rubber fender 70 450 189 0.8 Standard reaction force type

Cone Rubber Fender, ZC Type

1. ZC type cone rubber fender has a large designed compression deformation and high energy absorption.
2. Easy for installation.
3. An impingement plate at the front end is available to reduce the surface force across the ship body during berthing process.


Performance Curve

Specification H B C D E F G Weight
(mm) Φ(mm) Φ(mm) Φ(mm) Φ(mm) #×Type #×Φ(mm) (kg)
ZC600H 600 900 810 510 390 6×M24 6×30 235
ZC700H 700 1050 945 595 455 6×M30 6×38 350
ZC800H 800 1200 1080 680 520 6×M36 6×44 540
ZC900H 900 1350 1215 765 585 6×M36 6×44 765
ZC1000H 1000 1500 1350 850 650 6×M42 6×50 1050
ZC1100H 1100 1650 1485 935 715 6×M42 6×50 1400
ZC1150H 1150 1725 1550 998 750 6×M42 6×50 1600
ZC1200H 1200 1800 1620 1020 780 6×M42 6×50 1950
ZC1300H 1300 1950 1755 1105 845 6×M48 6×56 2400
ZC1400H 1400 2100 1890 1190 930 6×M48 6×60 3060
ZC1600H 1600 2400 2158 1360 1040 6×M48 8×60 4600
ZC1800H 1800 2700 2428 1528 1170 6×M56 10×74 6600


Note: Performance Tolerance ±10%

Embedded Parts of Cone Rubber Fender

No. Name Material
1 Bolt 1Cr13 (2Cr13)
2 Washer Q235 hot dip galvanizing
Q235 hot dip galvanizing
3 Anchor Nut 1Cr13 (2Cr13)
4 Foot Rod (Board) Q235

Specification of Embedded Parts

Connection Parts between Fender and Impingement Plate

Connection Parts between the Impingement Plate and its Veneer

Item / Specification Bolt Nut Washer
D J S H h a e D G d1 d t
M16 16 45 40 10 20 11 28 16 40 32 17.5 2.5
M20 20 45 40 12 20 11 32 20 36 46 22 2.5
Material Hot galvanized Q235 steel, 1C13(2Cr13)1C18Ni9Ti 0Cr17Ni12MO 1C13(2Cr13)1C18Ni9Ti 0Cr17Ni12MO Hot galvanized Q235 steel

As a professional cone rubber fender manufacturer in China, we provide not only supper cone fender, but also cylindrical rubber fender, wing type rubber fender, rubber corner packing, water expansion ring, and shipping facilities rubber sealed products.

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