Rubber Fender, U Type Marine Fender

Rubber Fender, U Type Marine Fender
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The U type marine rubber fender is typically mounted to a dock or a ship to counteract the collision force between the dock and the ship generated during mooring and berthing, thus preventing ships and docks from being damaged.

Characteristics of Rubber Fender
1. This type of rubber fender features high energy absorption performance and proper reaction force.
2. With high strength construction parts, it offers long service life.
3. It is easy for replacement.


Specifications of U Type Marine Fender

Type H h B B1 C Q e f d g
U300H×1500L 300 35 540 430 150 600 60 90 32 80


Reaction Force Unit Measured data
Compressive Deflection 50.0% Tons/M 33
Compressive Deflection 62.5% Tons/M 40
Energy Absorption
Compressive Deflection 50.0% Tons/M 1.6
Compressive Deflection 62.5% Tons/M 2.9

Performance Curve

Installation: The metallic parts of this rubber fender is interchangeable with that of our DA-A300H type fender system.

Hengsheng is a major rubber fender manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company supplies an extensive line of products, including a ship rubber fender, supper cell rubber fender, rubber corner packing, automobile woolen felt, shipping facilities rubber sealed product, rubber cushion, and more.

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