Rubber Fenders

Rubber Fenders
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On this page, we introduce you three types of marine rubber fenders which fall into rugby shaped and trapezoid shaped ones.

1. Rugby Type Rubber Fender
Hengsheng rugby type rubber fender has low reaction force and high energy absorption performance, and is ideal for protecting naval vessels from being damaged while mooring.
The product dimension is customizable.

2. Trapezoid Rubber Fender Type 1
This rubber fender is trapezoid shaped, and ideal for various docks and ships.

3. Trapezoid Rubber Fender Type 2
This marine fender is also applicable for all types of docks and vessels.

Hengsheng is a China-based manufacturer of rubber fenders. We offer semicircular rubber fender, cone rubber fender, cylindrical rubber fender, rubber seal, automobile seal, EPDM window seal, and engineering rubber products.

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