Square Rubber Fender

Square Rubber Fender
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The square rubber fender is typically mounted to a dock or a ship to counteract the collision force between the dock and the ship generated during mooring and berthing, thus preventing ships and docks from being damaged.

We introduce you two types of square marine rubber fenders on this page. Both of them are applicable for all types of docks, shipyards, and ships.

Square Rubber Fender (Type 1)

Specification of Square Rubber Fender

Type Specification(mm) Performance (L=1000)
B Φ L Rated Compression Deformation (%) High Reaction Force C0 Standard Type R0 Tolerance%
Reaction Force (kN) (R) Energy Absorption (KJ) (E) Reaction Force (kN) (R) Energy Absorption (KJ) (E)
150×75 150 75 500~2500 40 781.0 16.0 648.0 13.0 ±10
200×100 200 100 1059.0 27.4 876.0 22.0
250×125 250 125 1320.0 43.2 1094.0 35.0
300×150 300 150 1581.0 62.1 1308.9 51.0
400×200 400 200 2101.0 109.5 1739.0 90.0
500×250 500 250 2621.8 169.5 2170.4 139.3

Note: Square marine fenders in other specifications are also available upon request.

Performance Curve

Square Rubber Fender (Type 2)

Type Size(mm)
150×75 150 75 500-2500
200×100 200 100
250×125 250 125
300×150 300 150
400×200/250 400 200/250
500×250 500 250

As a square rubber fender manufacturer and supplier based in China, Hengsheng also provides rolling rubber fender, shipside vertical rubber fender, rubber corner packing, automobile airbag, sealing cushion, and putty rubber seal, among others.

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