Supper Cell Rubber Fender, SC Marine Fender

3.2 Structure of impingement plate

3.2.1 Standard type

3.2.2 Hinge-connection type
When several  rubber fenders are combined together and installed in a line horizontally, the design strength of impingement plates may be increased due to the large space between marine fenders. By use hinge-connection type impingement plates, the marine fenders can also be connected with each other by hinge connection method, thus make the impingement plate system lighter.

3.2.3 Enclosed type
Enclosed type impingement plate is composed of veneer and back support plate, so as to increase the structure strength. Water pressure test and sealing performance test should be given while manufacturing this type of impingement plate.

3.3 Layout methods for impingement plates

3.3.1 Horizontal installation layout  - when the marine rubber fenders are arranged in a line horizontally (like 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, etc.)

3.3.2  Vertical installation layout – when the marine fenders are arranged in a line vertically (like 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, etc.)

3.3.3 Combinational installation (like 2×2, 2×3, etc.)

4. Veneer
4.1 specification

Type Size (L×W) (Thickness: 30mm or 40mm)
Flat plate 600×600 600×450 600×300 450×450 300×300
Angle plate 600×220 300×220 450×220 360×220  

4.2 Material
Both flat plates and angle plates are made using UHMWPE, making them feature high strength and tensile.

Properties/Materials PE Nylon Rubber (for reference)
Specific gravity 0.95 1.15 1.15
Stretching strength (Kg/cm2) 250 750 200
Tensile stretch (%) 20 50-120 450
Compression strength (kg/cm2) 200 900 200
Anti-deformation strength (kg/cm2) 140-210 1000  
Young modulus (kg/cm2) 5600-10500 26000 40
Shock resistance (kg/cm) 70 200  
Friction coefficient 0.1-0.2 0.2 0.3-0.6
Abrasion resistance 0.5 0.28 1

5. Rubber spring chain
The rubber spring chain refers to a chain designed with rubber springs to reduce forces acting on the chain, thus ensuring safety.

5.1 Composition of the rubber spring chain

Series No. Parts name Material Series No. Parts name Material
1 End shackle Hot dip galvanized Q235 steel 4 Common link Hot dip galvanized Q235 steel
2 End link Hot dip galvanized Q235 steel 5 Turnbuckle Hot dip galvanized Q235 steel
3 Rubber spring frame Rubber, Hot dip galvanized Q235 steel
5.2 Rubber spring chain specification
Specification Common link End link End shackle Spring frame Turnbuckle
SC630H Φ20 Φ22 M×22 Φ32 M36
SC800H Φ22 Φ25 M×25 Φ32 M36
SC1000H Φ25 Φ28 M×28 Φ32 M36
SC1150H Φ25 Φ28 M×28 Φ32 M36
SC1250H Φ25 Φ28 M×28 Φ32 M36
SC1450H Φ28 Φ30 M×30 Φ32 M36
SC1600H Φ28 Φ30 M×30 Φ42 M42
SC1700H Φ32 Φ34 M×34 Φ42 M42
SC2000H Φ34 Φ36 M×36 Φ42 M48
SC2250H Φ34 Φ36 M×36 Φ42 M48
SC2500H Φ38 Φ40 M×38 Φ52 M52
SC3000H Φ40 Φ42 M×42 Φ52 M56
5.3 Suspension chain
When the weight of the impingement plate exceeds the allowable load, a suspension chain should be utilized so as to prevent the drooping of the marine rubber fender.
The weight in the following chart refers to the allowable load (maximum weight) of the impingement plate, when the marine fenders are installed vertically in a line.
Specification Weight (kg) Type 630H 800H 1000H 1150H 1250H 1450H 1600H 1700H 2000H 2250H 2500H 3000H
P01 150 460 850 1140 1310 1370 1630 1770 2100 3050 3280 4570
P0 180 560 1030 1370 1570 1730 2070 2660 2680 3900 4330 6090
P1 235 720 1340 1780 2040 2380 2860 3140 3730 5430 6210 8820
P2 272 840 1550 2050 2360 2750 3220 3630 4330 6430 7430  -
P3 308 950 1750 2320 2670 3180 3840 4220 5020 7450 8680  -

Note: When the marine rubber fenders are installed horizontally in a line, the maximum weight of the impingement plate is 80% of the value in above chart.

6. The minimum installation space between supper cell rubber fenders
As the marine fender can be compressed into a drum-shape, there should be a proper space between fenders so as to prevent collision.

Specification 630H 800H 1000H 1150H 1250H 1450H 1600H 1700H 2000H 2250H 2500H 3000H
H(m/m) 880 1120 1500 1730 1870 2180 2400 2550 2880 3360 3730 4500
7. Small performance reduction in oblique compression conditions
Our TD-A type marine fender features small performance reduction in oblique compression conditions. This is a great advantage when there is a large space between fenders or when the berthing angle is large.
The following chart shows you the correction factors of the rubber fender's reaction force and energy absorption, when oblique compression forces act on the fender system.
Angle (degrees) correction factor 3 4 5 6 8 10 15
Reaction force correction factor (CR) 0.96 0.94 0.93 0.93 0.92 0.92 0.90
Energy absorption correction factor (CE) 0.94 0.92 0.87 0.87 0.84 0.80 0.72

8. Others
Notes to designers:
As shown in the following diagram, when the anchor bolt is embedded into a concrete structure, the distance between the anchor bolt and the concrete structure surface (L) should be larger than the length of the anchor bolt.
The embedded anchor bolt can also be welded onto the steel frame of the concrete structure, so as to prevent the mooring dolphin from being damaged when the marine rubber fender gets a shearing force or tensile force.

L for different types of supper cell rubber fenders.

Specification 630H 800H 1000H 1150H 1250H 1450H 1600H 1700H 2000H 2250H 2500H 3000H
L (mm) 330 360 430 500 500 570 570 620 700 700 700 800
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